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For most people, buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions they make in life and rightfully so ... it's an excellent long term investment! Whether this is your first purchase, or you are an experienced buyer, your decision on which house to buy and when should be made after careful consideration.


  1. Decide how soon you need to buy. If you are renting, do you need to correlate your cosing date with the end of your lease? If you own a home already, do you need to correlate your sell with your next purchase?
  2. Decide WHAT you want to buy. Examples might be:
    • Single Family Home vs a Condo or Duplex
    • A property with acreage vs a city lot
    • 1 Story, 2 Story, Bilevel, etc. Do you see stairs in your future?
    • Private Well & Private Septic vs City Water & Sewer
    • An investment property that you never intend to live in yourself
  3. Choose the right Realtor® for you and get preapproved asap (unless you are paying 100% cash). Local lenders are favored the most among sellers and realtors but no matter who you choose, make sure you know all of the upfront costs in advance so you can secure what price range works best in your monthly budget and life goals.
  4. Start touring homes in person! This is the fun part and it will help you solidify what features of a home are truly important to you and your family.
  5. Submitting an Offer. Once you find a home you love, we'll write up the contract and guide you through the process as your buyer's agent. Once the offer is accepted, we'll provide you with a timeline of the next steps. The very first thing will be to submit your earnest mony payment (usually 1%-2% of the purchase price) so make sure you have that waiting in your bank account. You will genearlly be asked to pay the appraisal fee upfront as well and that will typically run around $500 depending on your exact location and the appraiser.
  6. Inspections, Testing & Appraisal. This is your chance to have a home inspector walkthrough the home with you if this was a part of your Offer. Same for radon testing and a home appraisal (generally required by your lender).
  7. Closing Day! Now you get to sign the papers, submit your final payment for closing costs and loan downpayment and take posession of your new home! You get the keys and and now the home is yours!
  8. Time to Move!